Jane Gillespie

Jane Gillespie is a passionate and inspirational storyteller. This shines through in her presentations as a speaker, in her books and when creating ceremonies for couples in her role as a civil marriage celebrant.

Jane believes that story telling is the best way to celebrate life and its many joyful moments but she understands that there can be times when you feel as though there’s nothing worth celebrating.

These times are most likely to occur when you are dealing with challenging life events or high levels of stress.

Counselling can help you to deal with such events and find or rediscover elements in your life that are still worth celebrating regardless of what else is happening in your world.

Jane has many years of experience in guiding people through grief, loss and significant life changes to finding and embracing the good in their lives. She is also a skilled group facilitator, having run weekly cancer support groups for many years.

Your wedding day is definitely worth celebrating. Since her appointment in 2004 as a civil marriage celebrant, Jane has helped many couples create their perfect ceremony. She also writes beautiful ceremonies for other significant life events.

Jane has had two books published and has collaborated in producing another to demonstrate the value of cancer support groups. This book is due to be published early in 2013.

Jane speaks to service groups and at conferences, workshops and seminars on how it is never too late to change your life. Through telling her own story she has helped to educate oncology students, nurses and social workers in how to communicate with their patients.

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cel’e’brate, v., bless, honour, proclaim, rejoice, revel, revere, solemnise